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Scenarios Khmelnytsky (Chmielnicki) Uprising 1648-1654
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Autor:  ljjod [ pt sty 06, 2017 4:50 am ]
Tytuł:  Scenarios Khmelnytsky (Chmielnicki) Uprising 1648-1654

I would like to compile a list of historical scenarios for the Khhmelnytsky (Polish: Chmielnicki) Uprising. This would be Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth against Cossacks with Crimean Khanate allies. There is very little information available in English other than what is available on wikipedia as I can not find a book that exclusively covers this conflict. There are some good maps online that appear to be from a Ukrainian source, but they do not give an order of battle. I may have to use the general division lists available in BFaS and the Armies of BFaS for orders of battle and use a ration of 1:50 for figures for numbers of troops listed in the wiki articles.

Here are the scenarios I would like to create:

Battle of Zhovti Vody
Battle of Korsun
Battle of Pyliavtsi
Battle of Zbarazh
Battle of Zboriv
Battle of Berestechko (Largest battle of the 17th century)
Battle of Baith

Most of these battles lasted several days and started off with skirmishes and developed into full battles when the main body of the armies arrived. Great for both small and large (huge in the case of Berestechko) scenarios. The movie With Fire and Sword covers this conflict, but much of the battle sequences (like Zhovti Vody) are not accurate.

My wife is a Ukrainian academic (albeit literature) and would be able to help with Ukrainian sources, but we will probably not go back to Ukraine until next year. She also speaks Polish and taught at the University of Lublin, but alas we are located in the United States now. Maybe some of our Polish friends could help out if there are sources in Polish that go into the tactical compositions of the armies that she could translate.

This would be a total fan made supplement and a personal desire of mine and is not meant for any sale or profit. But I thought there are others in the community who would be interested and would appreciate any collaboration. We could make this a shareable PDF and who knows, maybe inspire the BFaS team to help out.


Autor:  Kadrinazi [ pt sty 06, 2017 10:47 am ]
Tytuł:  Re: Scenarios Khmelnytsky (Chmielnicki) Uprising 1648-1654

We had that in pipeline as one or two books from BAC series anyway, but probably we're talking about (give or take) 2 years from now ;)

Autor:  ljjod [ sob sty 07, 2017 7:10 am ]
Tytuł:  Re: Scenarios Khmelnytsky (Chmielnicki) Uprising 1648-1654

Are there any Polish books or websites that have more information of the battles I mentioned? I need something to hold me over until an official supplement comes out.

Autor:  Kadrinazi [ sob sty 07, 2017 11:16 am ]
Tytuł:  Re: Scenarios Khmelnytsky (Chmielnicki) Uprising 1648-1654

Drop me your email adress via PM and I will see what can be arranged in that matter ;-)

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