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 Tytuł: Republic in Flames - free pdf with army lists
Post: czw cze 27, 2019 11:50 am 
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Republic in Flames

As the "big rulebook" containing army lists for 6 main armies is sold out we have decided to publish them in free pdf.

There are lists from "Revised edition" rulebook and from "The Deluge" for Polish- Lithuanian Commonwealth, Kingdom of Sweden, The Cossacks, Crimean Khanate, Ottoman Empire and Tsardom of Muscovy (excluding list commanded by historical commanders and skirmish forces with "Convoy" special rule).

There are also some changes, you can find list of them below.


New Skirmish Force: Magnate's Garrison (1648-1660).
New special rule "We charged without lances" which allows to field winged hussars without lances but paying less FSP.


New Skirmish list: Pacification Force (1648-1660)

"Small companies" rule has been changed to match Task Force version.

New rules for Divisional level: Leibregiment and Proxy Dragoons.


Elite Tartar Warriors get the "Good armour" special rule. It's just to clarify interaction between "elite cavalry" and "feigned flight" special rules.


Anatolian Sipahi can now form a squadron of 8 bases also at Skirmish level.


"Miestnichestvo" special rule has been changed - now you can choose instead of roll a dice.

Zasieczna Guard Skirmish Force has been changed (new special rules plus slightly different base of the Skirmish Force)

In "regular" Skirmish Force you can get Lt. Colonel for free if you field all levels and Skirmish sotnia.

You can download "Republic in Flames" from our website:

http://www.fireandsword.wargamer.pl/ind ... es27062019

All changes are already available in Army Creator :)


If you see any issues with file, please send us information to michal@wargamer.pl

"The DELUGE" price reduction

As we realize that after publishing this pdf and "Player's edition" rulebook part of the "The Deluge" rulebook is no longer valid we have decided to lower its price by 50%.

https://sklep.wargamer.pl/en/by-fire-an ... k-eng.html

Please remember that "Deluge" contains army list for Holy Roman Empire, Brandenburg and Transylvania, so you need it if you want to play those armies.

By Fire and Sword Team

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