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 Tytuł: 8th International "By Fire and Sword" Championships
Post: pn lut 24, 2020 10:06 pm 
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The 8th Jan III Sobieski Tournament in Wilanów, "By Fire and Sword Singles Championships 2020"

Date: 23rd-24th of May 2020

For the eighth time on behalf of Wargamer company and The Museum of the Palace at Wilanów we would like to invite you to take part in International By Fire and Sword Singles Championships 2020

Information about Player's Package and Entry Fee

Every Player participating in the Championships will receive TWO miniatures of historical commanders and their printed rules.
Those rules will not be published by us in any form at least in a time of 3 months. Also miniature will not be available in any way at least for 3 months. Those rules will be allowed in any BFaS official tournament.

In addition every Player will receive 10 Ducats.

Entry fee: 15 Euro

You may also buy special T-shirts we'll prepare for Championships.They will cost 15 euro for white version and 18 euro for black version each and are will be available in S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL sizes. We'll be collecting your orders by the 30th of April.

T-Shirt MockUp 2020 ENG_small.jpg

Please note our provider changed size of t-shirts for smaller, so please consider ordering one size bigger than usual.


I. Send your entries to the following email address: michal@wargamer.pl

The entry should include:
- Name and surname of the player
- City / Country
- Chosen faction
- up to 3 Skirmish lists (see Army Composition) they need to prepared in Army Creator http://www.ac.fireandsword.wargamer.pl
- Information on the chosen entry package
- T-shirt size (if you want to buy it)

This information should be sent not later than 17.05.2020.

It is possible to send the entry later but in such case the player may send only one Skirmish list;

Information should also be posted in this thread along with the nation you will play;

Please make entry fee payments to the following bank account:

Konrad Sosiński
PL 36 1560 0013 2514 1184 4000 0002


or the Paypal account: kontakt@wargamer.pl

At the moment we have a limit of 80 participants.
The participation will be decided by the order of payments.
The list of admitted tournament participants shall be systematically updated.


Making payment for tournament and sending corrected and approved roosters mean that you are officially registered.

The tournament includes 5 battles. 3 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday


Players will be allowed to enter the tournament hall at 9.00

10.00 – 12.00 First battle

13.00 -15.00 Second battle

16.00 - 18.00 Third battle


Players will be allowed to enter the tournament hall at 9.30

10.00 - 12.00 Fourth battle

13.00 – 15.00 Fifth battle

17.00 End of the tournament and award ceremony.

During the breaks catering will be available at the tournament hall; also there are restaurants in the vicinity of the museum. There will also be some attractions and events prepared for you by us and the Museum.

III. General Rules:

1. Games will be played at the Skirmish Level using the materials from “By Fire and Sword. Player's edition” rulebook, “The Deluge” , "Armies of the By Fire and Sword", "Warsaw 1656" and "Danish Wars 1657-1660" supplements as well as additional Skirmish list published on BFaS page.
2. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Kingdom of Sweden, Ottoman Empire, Crimean Khanate and Tsardom of Muscovy army lists from the main rulebook are replaced in whole by the lists from the online version of "Republic in flames" supplement
3. Limited ammunition rules (written down) and all optional rules (excluding: Average Rolls and Group Orders) will be used, unless both players decide otherwise.
4. "Small Skirmish Force" rule is modified. You can play against this Skirmish with any Force (it doesn't have 7FPS or less) however any Small Skirmish Force can use an optional rule "Choosing an effects"
5. “Scenarios” chapter from “By Fire and Sword. Player's edition” rulebook shall be used.
6. In the first battle the pairs shall be drawn so that armies of the same nations do not fight against each other. In the following battles players will be paired according to points scored, so that armies of the same nations do not fight against each other. If the difference between players is more than 1 Large Point, or there is no possibility to pair otherwise there might be a situation where 2 players with the same army play against one another.
7. We add restriction in fielding field fortification (the same as at Task Force level): all the field fortifications deployed must have their longer edge touching the front edge (a corner is not enough) of an infantry, artillery or dragoons base of the deploying player. If the player does not deploy such units or deploys too little of them, all field fortifications not fulfilling the deployment rules are lost.

IV. Army Composition:
1. Army lists published in the "Republic in Flames", "The Deluge” , "Armies of the By Fire and Sword"," Warsaw 1656" and "Danish Wars 1657-1660" supplements plus those published at BFAS website can be used in the tournament, excluding forces with the Convoy Special Rule.
2. A Small Skirmish Force is a force with an appropriate Special Rule or with 4 or less FSP;
3. In every battle you may use a different version of the Skirmish Force list of the nation of your choice. The version is chosen after you get to know what nation you will be facing.
4. The players are obliged to have their printed Skirmish Force lists.
5. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth army will be divided into Polish, Lithuanian, Courland and Danzig armies.
6. In addition to their army the players should also bring as many field fortifications models as may be necessary for them. If a player does not have such fortifications they may not use them in a game.

V. Appearance of the Army:
1. Armies must be completely painted and have their bases finished.
2. WYSIWYG rule is in force. Shields and arquebuses are excluded from the WYSIWYG rule (in case of cavalry). This equipment is barely visible so it will not cause confusion.
3. A complete ban on proxies is in force – that is using a model of one formation as a model of another formation.
4. The tournament is organized by Wargamer company and only Wargamer figures can be used. This does not apply to terrain elements, obstacles and field fortifications.
5. Conversions are allowed. You need to notify the head referee about them in advance and he will decide whether to allow them on the tournament.

VI. Points:
Players score Small Points in a battle according to the level of victory. The payer that lost receives 0 SP, and the winner gets the difference between the points he scored and the points scored by the opponent.
Large Points are granted for the level of victory or defeat:
0 – Historical defeat
1 – Strategic defeat
2 – Tactical defeat
3 - Draw
4 – Tactical victory
5 - Strategic victory
6 – Historical victory

in addition Players can get the following achievements:

"Undefeated" – did not loose a single battle on the tournament +1 Big Point.
- "Conqueror" – scored more small points than his opponent in every battle +1 Big Point.
- "Destroyer of Armies" – lost more battles than he won (here a draw with opponent’s advantage is treated as a loss) -1 Big Point.
- "Sluggish" – none of his battles lasted until the end (6/8 turns or wiping out the enemy/surrendering) - 1 Big Point.

Classification Rules:
1. The classification is made according to Large Points.
2. If several players have the same number of Large Points the classification is decided by Small Points.
3.If there is still a tie the classification is decided by the result of a direct game between those players (number of Small Points in this game).
4The number of historical victories, then strategic victories, then tactical victories
5. If there is still a tie the classification is decided by fate (we will draw the winner for example by a throw of a coin – the winner gets the higher place and the looser gets the Wargamer ducat that was thrown).

VII. Prizes

I Place

Baton - main trophy
Sobieski's statuette
500 PLN in choosen Wargamer's products*
Special miniature for each strategic or historical victory**

II Place

Sobieski's statuette
350 PLN in chosen Wargamer's products*
Special miniature for each strategic or historical victory**

III Place

Sobieski's statuette
200 PLN in chosen Wargamer's products*
Special miniature for each strategic or historical victory**

IV-VIII Places

100PLN in chosen Wargamer's products*
Special miniature for each strategic or historical victory**

*By Fire and Sword, Anno Domini 1666 and Hot&Dangerous
** This year we don't award players with Ducats for their victories, instead of it each strategic or historical victory brings 1 special miniature


$ - paid,
R - army lists sent

1. Elt iconSWE
2. MSZ iconRUS
3. Grojszek iconKOZ
4. Bombel iconDAN
5. Nalepsky iconRON (Litwa)
6. Wasil
7. Miszczu iconRON (Litwa)
8. Lubelak iconRUS $
9. Skoscianski
10.SierzantIG iconRON (Korona) $
11. Wojtas5600 iconTRA
12. Zk1944
13. UlfNitjsefni, $, iconRUS , XXL white
14. Iluzagin $, L white
15. Zarek iconSWE
16. Golibroda iconRON (Litwa), XL black
17. Kozakh iconKOZ $
18. Krzysiek iconKOZ $
19. Cichy $
20. Jarema iconRUS $
21. Adek iconRON (Litwa) $
22. Walec iconSWE $
23. Sławek Porębski $ iconTAT XXXL black + XXXL white
24. Huzar iconRON
25. Kubson iconRON (Litwa)
26. Masakrator
27. Pyza iconRON (Litwa)
28. Kniaz Debran iconRUS
29. Szeperd, M, biała
30. Olbracht
31. Adam_K iconSWE XXXL - black
32. Enma $
33. Daw
34. Rafał Łukaszyk

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 Tytuł: Re: 8th International "By Fire and Sword" Championships
Post: pn lut 24, 2020 11:09 pm 
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Just send the fee and the mail:
The Tatar horde will ride again to pillage and loot :D

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