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 Tytuł: 2nd Mazovian BFaS Championships
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Dear BFaS players - I would like to invite all of you to our small tournament in Warsaw (really worth visiting in August ;) )

Date: 26th-27th August2017

Place - Warsaw, Dragon games club or PROM culture club in Saska Kępa, Warsaw, Poland (closer to city center).



If you want to sign in - just write a note in this topic, including nation you'd like to play.

Current limit of players equals 16 places.

Participants will be devided into groups for Saturday games.


Saturday - group stage - each player plays 3 battles - one with each opponent from his (or her - maybe ;) ) group.

2 best players from every group are "promoted" to "Knock-out stage".


Players from 3rd places in each group form another grup and fight (each other) for places 9th to 12th. Players from 4th places in each group form another grup and fight for places 13th to 16th.

Players, who lost in quarter-finals form their own "ladder" and fight for playes 5th to 8th.

III. General Rules:

1. Games will be played at the Skirmish Level using the all official supplements, FAQ and Errata.
2. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Swedish army lists from the main rulebook are replaced in whole by the lists from “The Deluge” supplement;
3. Limited ammunition rules (written down) and all optional rules (excluding: Average Rolls and Group Orders, and INCLUDING "Choosing an effects" rule) will be used, unless both players decide otherwise.
4. "Small Skirmish Force" rule is out
5. “Scenarios” chapter from “The Deluge” supplement shall be used, excluding The Convoy scenario;
6. Rule Defensive skirmish forces is changed to:

Defensive Skirmish Force

If one of the armies is a Defensive Skirmish Force then Scenarios are selected from the list below. The roll is made according to the normal procedure. The Weaker player rolls the number of scenarios equal to the Command Points value of his Skirmish Force Commander and chooses 1 of them.
1-3- Defend the village (1*)
4-5- Defend the crossing (1*)
6- Forage (2/0)
7-8- Delay the enemy (0*)
9- Ambush (3/1)
10- Night attack (4/2)
If the Weaker player is a commander of Defensive Skirmish Force, he/she can discard all dice with results: 6 (Forage), 9 (Ambush) and/or 10 (Night Attack). If he/she chooses one of these scenarios anyway, its cost are 2 FSP less (the value after slash).

Defensive Skirmish Forces ignore any rules forcing rerolling their Scenario rolls (for example “Beating the Tartars…” rule), unless the given rule clearly states otherwise.

If both Skirmish Forces have the same Strength Points Value then the Delay the enemy Scenario is used.

If both armies are Defensive Skirmish Forces, or none of the Scenarios can be chosen, the Scenarios are chosen according to the procedure described in point C. The Weaker force rolls for Additional Effects as normal.

IV. Army Composition:
1. Army lists published in the By Fire and Sword main rulebook, "The Deluge” and "Armies of the By Fire and Sword" supplements and also at BFAS website can be used in the tournament, excluding forces with the Convoy Special Rule.
2. In every battle you may use a different version of the Skirmish Force list of the nation of your choice. The version is chosen after you get to know what nation you will be facing.
3. The players are obliged to have readable Skirmish Force lists with:
a) Force Strength Points of the whole Skirmish Force
b) Force Value
c) Reconnaissance Points
In order to make it easier for referees to check the lists each Skirmish Force should be described with a name, level used and additional operations such as: adding bases, exchange of units etc.
4. The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth army will be divided into Polish, Lithuanian, Courland and Danzig armies.
5. In addition to their army the players should also bring as many field fortifications models as may be necessary for them. If a player does not have such fortifications they may not use them in a game.

V. Appearance of the Army:
1. Armies must be completely painted and have their bases finished.
2. WYSIWYG rule is in force. Shields and arquebuses are excluded from the WYSIWYG rule (in case of cavalry). This equipment is barely visible so it will not cause confusion.
3. A complete ban on proxies is in force – that is using a model of one formation as a model of another formation.
4. Only Wargamer figures can be used. This does not apply to terrain elements, obstacles and field fortifications.
5. Conversions are allowed. You need to notify the head referee about them in advance and he will decide whether to allow them on the tournament.

VI. Points:
Players score Small Points in a battle according to the level of victory. The payer that lost receives 0 SP, and the winner gets the difference between the points he scored and the points scored by the opponent.
Large Points are granted for the level of victory or defeat:
0 – Historical defeat
1 – Strategic defeat
2 – Tactical defeat
3 - Draw
4 – Tactical victory
5 - Strategic victory
6 – Historical victory

VII. Prizes
Yet to be known ;)

Signed in:
1. Leszczyc iconSWE
2. Piotroslav
3. Solider iconTAT
4. Kaduceusz iconHRE
5. Wasil iconRON Korona
6. Sebaar iconSWE
7. Jarema
8. Cichy iconRON Litwa
9. Adek iconRON Litwa
10. Cezar iconTAT lub iconTUR
11. Geralt iconDAN

Мы - сотрудники КОМКОНа-2. (...) Нам одно не разрешается: недооценить опасность. И если в нашем доме вдруг завоняло серой, мы просто обязаны предположить, что где-то рядом объявился черт с рогами, и принять соответствующие меры вплоть до организации производства святой воды в промышленных масштабах!

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