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 Post subject: Where are the news? Where is Wargamer communication?
PostPosted: Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:18 pm 
Ciura obozowy/Camp follower

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So in the last months we were talking in the German Forum (byfireandsword.de) if BFS is dead in Germany or just our German forum. You can find a link to the discussion below:

We discussed a lot of topics and reasons why there is a decline of the game and gamers for BFS in Germany. (for example the not existing rulebook in German, the complex rules of BFS, the niche-problem, the problems of communication of Wargamer with us the players.)

I want to talk especially about the last point I mentioned.
What and where is the communication-strategy of Wargamer?

Some observations:

1. Last update of the Website (english and polish Version in January, in J A N U A R Y. Today is August!
2. No further informations about the future? (Where is the 2 Players starter set? What is with "English civil war? Publication plans? What is going to come? I want to be curious and excited!)
3. On Facebook there are mainly informations about conventions or some offers in the onlines shop.
4. This forum: In the english part of the forum there are barely new posts. I have the feeling this forum and the other communities in other countries have similar problems as we have in Germany.
5. There was a time when annodomini1666 was promoted very strong. Where is it now? Is it dead? The annodomini part of the forum ist dead definetly.
6. Where are new products? (new factions, new languages for the rulebook, new Units, some Youtube-Videos etc.)
7. There are no tournaments for BFS in Germany anymore (Before there were minimum two torunaments every year). Now there are too few players left. Even new players give up playing BFS very quickly.
8. My friends who were very interested in the game before, are not interested anymore. They moved on to other tabletop games...

Take GamesWorkshop for example. On their Homepage and their Facebook page there are DAILY some news to stick to their customers. They give them Information about their products and daily news!!!!! They try to keep their customers excited.
I know that Wargamer is not a big company, but this cannot be an excuse, because so Wargamer is loosing their customers and of course money.

I also know that there was a similar discussion in the polish part of this forum (by miszczu).

I also know that there was some movement in the last months (Wilanow-tournament, plastic horses, some new skirmish-lists etc.). But from my perspective there is very little movement or there is movement, but we are not informed about it.

My request towards Wargamer:

Change your communication strategy. Keep us excited and curious!!! (Or many will leave, many did already...)

Greetings from Germany

PS: Sorry for my English, it's not the best.

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 Post subject: Re: Where are the news? Where is Wargamer communication?
PostPosted: Sun Aug 18, 2019 6:37 pm 
Ciura obozowy/Camp follower
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Seems to me Wargamer is too busy to making stuff for the Anno Domini 1666 Kickstarter to think about BSAF for the time being. Lots of companies have broken their backs on too ambitious Kickstarters, let's hope that doesn't happen to Wargamer. On the other hand, if it gets too successful BFAS might slip down on the priority list. Let's hope for moderate sales and a return of focus back to BFAS. After all it's a limited number of people who now have to concentrate on several product lines with little in common.

As for BFAS activitity, while there has been a steady stream of new figures it has mainly been redesigns of existing product codes. Not necessarily much improvement IMHO, and certainly not enough to improve sales for neither new players or veterans with existing collections. But the free PDF rules and Republic in Flames are nice and might ease recruitment.

As for ECW, I'm on the fence here. With BFAS Wargamer had the edge of extensive research not easily available outside Poland, and very little competition figures-wise. For ECW you'll have a lot of self-appointed experts in the gaming industry (including several members of the Sealed Knot reenactement society) who won't be pulling any punches with regard to historical errors, and a much more crowded existing market (both rules- and figure-wise) which will be harder to break in to. Also there are really only two factions to play, so you lose the multi-faceted appeal of BFAS here. IMHO it would be better to extend BFAS to a generic TYW+ ruleset, with the ECW available as one supplement (much like Warlord is doing). At least the figures are similar enough between the ECW and TYW, especially with head swaps. Another possibility would be the Venetian-Ottoman wars in Crete and the Peloponnese. Seems like most of the figures exist already, all we need are some army lists.

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