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4-bases squadrons: official clarification
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Author:  Kadrinazi [ Mon Jan 19, 2015 8:44 pm ]
Post subject:  4-bases squadrons: official clarification

After discussing the matter with author of our Transylvanian army we would like to clarify certain rule. In pdfs (and ‘The Deluge’) You can find: companies/banners must be deployed (if possible) in squadrons of at least 4 bases. This rule need to be fulfilled at the end of the deployment, i.e. You can initially place 2 companies/banners separately but only if later during the deployment each of such companies/banners will be combined with the others so they start the game in at least 4-bases strong squadrons. So having 4 bases of given formation You must deploy them as 1 squadron. Same goes with 6 bases (just 1 squadron), as You cannot have 4-bases and 2 bases-strong squadrons. Having 8 bases of given formation allows You to deploy 2 4-bases strong squadrons or 1 8-bases strong (if formation can be fielded that way), etc.
Above description of course do not include Units deployed thanks to other special rules/effects (Ambush, Take that Hill, Delayed, Flanking, Unexpected Reinforcements, etc).

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