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 Tytuł: Idea of new adicional effects: raining and training sun
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Hello folks,
These are somete ideas I had for new additional effects :

Storm(2 points)
Thay represents fighting under a raging weather. Units with matchlock weapons can only fire witch one dice for base. Unless they dont move.All other firearms suffer a -1 malus. That represents the difficulty of keeping the match lit.
Every turn roll a doce. With a 9-10 result, the gale rages fiercer and infantry units can only fire with one dice for base if they have a defense order and pass a skill test. All cavalry units can only fire of they don't move during a round after shooting. That represents they could recharge their shorter guns under cloaks .
Optionaly infantry units with harquebus and depicted with cloaks, like Hungarians, can fire like cavalry.

In the battle of Villalar, 1521, Comuneros infantry was useless after a heavy rain Soaked their weapons, and Royal cavalry smashed them. In Dresden 1814, rain made shooting si dificult that French horses could break Austrian and russian infantry squares,even with mud slowing them.

Raising sun (1 point)
The player chosing that efect must choose a side of the battlefield. All units facing that side must reroll all shooting. Long range fire must be rerolled twice.
Every turn after first roll a dice. With a +1 for every additional round. With a 7 a 10 result the sun is up enough to give only a -1 malus. If a posterior roll after that its also a 7-10 result, the efect disappears,with the sun hugh enough to allow normal fire.
Optional rule: a player can spend order markers to change the roll result. Every marker gives a +/-1 before the dice is thrown. that modifier can be applied even after a first 7-10 result.that representa the sun has been cloakdd by a passing clow.

Im still thinking about effects on artillery, muddy soil and ducha.

Andy ideas are welcomed, sorry for bad English.

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